10 Ultra-Cute Panda Facts (and why we love them!)

10 Ultra-Cute Panda Facts (and why we love them!)

It’s our favourite time of year again here at Oh K! – World Panda Day! To celebrate, here are 10 facts about our furry-friends for you to read while you mask!

1. Pandas are much bigger than your average teddy bear.

Ranging from 100-300 pounds, a wild panda can be up to 5 foot tall!

cute panda facts


2. Did you know Pandas are not always black and white?

From birth, most pandas are pink and brown. It’s not until they are 3 weeks old that the iconic black and white fur begins to GLOW through.

baby pandas 


 3. It’s scientifically proven that pandas are the CUTEST (literally)!

Scientist Gordan Buchanan looked into why almost everyone has a soft spot for the bear. Simple answer? They trigger what is known as our ‘cuteness receptors’, giving us feel-good emotions!

why are pandas cute


4. Pandas know how to self-care – FUR real!

Very different to our own busy schedules, Pandas tend to fill their days with only sleeping & eating, with very little active hours. 

pandas sleeping


5. Not only is Bamboo our favourite masking ingredient, but it is also our Pandas favourite snack.

During a 24 hour period, Pandas can eat up to 12-38 kilos of bamboo a day!

 what do pandas eat


6. Shout out to all our Leo’s, this one for you!

The most popular month for newborn pandas is August! CUTE!

baby pandas



7. 'Panda' is not even their real name?

Did you know a Giant Pandas scientific name is “Ailuropoda Melanoleuva”.


 8. Pandas do not hibernate!

Unlike their teddy-bear cousins, Pandas tend to travel to warmer temperatures and down mountains during the winter, taking their food and pups with them!

9. Just like us, Pandas go through 2 sets of teeth in their lifetime.

Now show us those pearly whites!
panda teeth


10. Pandas fur is actually not as cuddly as we thought...

Pass us a hair mask! While pandas fur can look super soft and cuddly, their fur is actually thick and wiry – growing up to 10cm long in length.



Love pandas just as much as us?

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