10 Secret Self Love Practices

10 Secret Self Love Practices

"Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror." - Byron Katie, Author & Speaker

It's 2020 and it's about time we all starting loving ourselves, don't you think!? Self love can be defined as "proper regard for and attention to one's own happiness or well-being." Loving yourself is easier said then done for most people. However, self love is a journey and we're  here to help you along the way! 

Top 10 Secret Self Love Practices: 

1. Yoga & Meditation

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Yoga and meditation are a great way to relieve any stress you may have in your body and your mind. There are so many apps and YouTube videos that can assist in your at home yoga and meditation practices. We love Yoga with Adriene who uploads monthly series to help you on your yoga and self love journey. Another great resource is the Calm app. Calm has different audios that can help with meditation and sleep among other practices. 

2. Read A Good Book

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Reading is a great way to escape the stresses of our every day lives. Books can transport you to different worlds and help you forget (even just for a little while) about that big project you have coming up. Reading is another way to stimulate your mind while de-stressing. Also, it helps you disconnect from the world of social media and your phone and focus on yourself and  your mind. 

3. Take A Bath

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There's nothing like a nice bubble bath at the end of a long week of work or school or life in general. Taking a bath is another way to treat  your body and your mind. The warm water can help relieve any tension in your muscles or joints and also help clear your mind. Take your bath to the next level by adding in some essential oils or bath salts. 

4. Do A Face Mask

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One super easy method of self love and self care is just using a face mask. It gives you around 20 minutes to sit and do nothing but relax. A face mask is beneficial to your skin (of course!), but it also feels like you're giving yourself a little treat, which is an act of self love in itself! Obviously, we LOVE face masks. 

5. List The Things You Love About Yourself

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A more reflective and introspective practice of self love is writing down the things you love about yourself. These things can change every day or every month or every year, but it's important to address those things you love about yourself and think about why that is. 

6. Write Down Small Wins Every Day

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Another little practice of self love is writing down small wins of your day. Most people have a long list of things they need to complete each day and it's often dejecting when  you don't complete them all according to your schedule. However, keeping a list of small wins every day can help boost your mood and practice self love. An example of a small win could be making your bed, or smiling at yourself in the mirror, or calling your best friend; whatever you consider to be a win for yourself. 

7. Plan a Self Care Date

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You might have an active dating life, been dating the same person for the last seven years or be single and ready to mingle. However, one person you can always count on for a great time is YOURSELF! Planning a self care date is a great way to make sure you are practicing self love. For example, every Sunday you could pencil in a date with yourself where you enjoy your favorite coffee, do a face mask, meditate, read a book, and watch your fave new show on Netflix. Or it could be as simple as having a glass of wine whilst you flick through the latest issue of Vogue. 

8. Get Flowers & Plants

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Having plants and flowers around your work and living spaces is another way to practice self love. Plants are known to help with stress, health, as well as clean the air. Plus, they are super cute to look at! 

9. Listen To An Inspiring Playlist

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Music is another way to de-stress throughout the day. Music can effect your mood and transport you to a different time. Thanks to Spotify, there are millions of songs and playlists at  your finger tips. Lucky for you, we have a playlist featuring songs about self love and empowerment (Siri, play Juice by Lizzo). 

10. Set Boundaries

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Another important practice of self love is setting boundaries. Boundaries can be emotional and physical. An emotional boundary could be saying no to plans when you need some time to yourself. A physical boundary could be taking a day off from your workout routine to relax. It's important to set your boundaries as you progress through your self love journey. These boundaries can change as you go through life changes as well. Just remember to love yourself!

In the famous words of the living legend, Rupaul Charles...

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    Top 10 Ways to Practice Self Love: 

    1. Yoga & meditation
    2. Read a good book
    3. Take a bubble bath
    4. Do a face mask
    5. List things you love about yourself
    6. Write down small wins every day
    7. Plan a self care date
    8. Get flowers & plants
    9. Listen to an inspiring playlist
    10. Set boundaries

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