Best Movies & Series on Netflix to Mask to

Best Movies & Series on Netflix to Mask to
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Netflix & Thrill. The best Netflix shows & face mask pairings for a killer girls night Halloween weekend in.

We've rounded up some of the top Netflix shows and movies to pair with your Korean skin care routine. Whether your pre-gaming your night out with a pre-party mask and Netflix show or an all-out Netflix binge, we won't judge when asks if you're still watching. 


netflix series



fashion fund on netflix

Recharge your batteries and creative flair with Pearl Hydrogel and The Fashion Fund.

It's Fashion, Honey. 

Join Anna Wintour, Diane Von Furstenberg and some of the biggest upcoming names in luxury for a head to head competition to win the CFDA title. There are tears, tensions, high-fashion and pressurising challenges, all packed together into 3 binge-worthy seasons. 

Want to multi-mask? Feel like Miranda Presley and use our Pearl Hydrogel Mask for 30-40 mins. Packed in with moisture and hydration, "a million girls would kill for this mask".


bridget jones diary

Got Sunday night blues? Delve into one or favourite classic Bridget Jone's Diary with our Egg White Sheet mask

Because end of the day, it's all about self-love.
The classic chick flick is something we can all relate to (balancing social life, me-time and career all in one - UH GIVE ME A BREAK!). Whether you're having a cheat day, or need that end-of-weekend pick me up - finishing your Sunday with the story of Bridget Jones and her crazy 30-something life is the perfect time to mask. Feel determined and refresh for the rest of the week with our hydrating and brightening Egg White and you'll shine right on til Friday.

Feel good  with Quincy and our Under Eye Gold Mask

Just hit on our Netflix screens, Quincy is the iconic documentary you cannot miss this year. Directed by Rashida Jones (Quincy's actual daughter - omg), the film is a heartfelt documentary looking back at all his incredible work in the years, including kick-starting the careers of Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. 
If the documentary has given you that burst of inspiration, use our Gold Eye Mask to awaken those peepers and show what you've got.

feminists documentary

 You work hard, play hard. Bring together your head-strong girls for a night of self-care and masking with 'Feminists: What Were They Thinking?' and our Mix Your Own Gold

 Out 12 October, 'Feminists: What Were They Thinking?' is then empowering documentary we're so excited for. Taking us back to the 1970's, where the notion of equality was just as strong as today, we take a look at the moments captured of women going against the norm of cultural restrictions. Created by filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas, and including the likes of Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, who said multi-masking can't be educational?



Are you planning on Netflix and masking the night away or pre-gaming Halloween with a quick Netflix & mask session?

Share your Oh K! Netflix and Masking moments to be featured @ohk_life!


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