What are the effects of blue light on my skin?

What are the effects of blue light on my skin?

Netflix binging, Insta' Feed scrolling, WhatsApp messaging and uploading that anticipated shelfie. Is your skin struggling to keep up with your digital digest?

How blue light (HEV) is affecting your skin.


It's no understatement when we say 2018 has been a year of building awareness on the mental negatives of social media. Alongside our constant habit of checking our notifications every 5 minutes, we have also learnt from our lifestyle choices that mindfulness and self-care is the power-couple to surviving the digital landscape.

While we mask, relax and try to switch off our phone 1-hour before bed to achieve a good night's sleep - sometimes going offline isn't the only effort we should be making to fight the curse of tech.


 What is blue light?

Blue light damage is one of the underlying effects from heavy tech use. Also known as High Energy Visible Light (HEVL), this pesky little brightness from your phone can lead to an acceleration in the natural ageing process, pigmentation and saggy-ness (YIKES!).

Like UV rays, HEVL can have harmful effects, needing just as much attention and care as being in the sun (HI SPF!). Statistically, we are spending a lot more time indoors, scrolling on our phones, checking whats app, and longing over that skirt online – consequently leaving our skin malnourished from essential vitamins and antioxidants.


Effects of Blue Light

Tiam, our Oh K! Beauty Product Developer says "While Blue Light's major source is our small mobile screens - the light can be passed just as powerful as sun rays!" she adds "Like UV, HELV rays can also penetrate into the skin, and can lead to your immune system working extra harder than usual to replenish the surface of the skin. From this, skin can appear drier, lines and wrinkles can become more prominent and overall lack hydration."


Best skin care products...

 To fight the curse of tech neck...

Did you know that the neck and chest are one of the most ageing areas of the body and should be focused on just as much as the face? This also goes with mobile and UV ray use.

Including chin/neck piece, facepiece and ear holes, the firming tech neck is made of a fibre and hydrogel mask, which together create extra absorption and locks in essential moisture into the skin.


 how to use face mask

@thestylecat using our Tech Neck Mask


Containing Marine Extracts, which help to firm and hydrate, the mask provides a youthful glow for both chin and neck and reduces lines caused by looking down at your mobile. 

Curated for the creative-on-the-go, the firming Tech Neck is must-have to maintaining you defence against tech.

To fight those accelerated wrinkles

Battling those lines shouldn't be a long day-to-day process. Quench your skin's thirst with our Marine Hyaluronic Hydrogel face mask. Hydrating and locking in moisture within the skin, this is the number 1 method to keeping wrinkles at bay. 

Simply, remove all make-up from your skin, by using a cleanser to refresh all those hard to reach places. Then, placing the mask on your face, sit back and relax for 10-20 minutes. 


Fight free-radicals and premature ageing...

"Antioxidants are our first line of defence; think Vitamins A, C, E and Ferulic Acid. To further protect skin against blue light make sure you’re always wearing a broad-spectrum SPF..." Kate Bancroft of Face The Future explained to Elle.

As we said, we merely go outdoors as much as we used to, so you need to make sure your skin is still receiving the nourishing treatment it needs as a supplement. We recommend using our moisturising Watermelon Mask.


Infused with juicy watermelon, this fibre sheet mask is guaranteed to give you nourishing treatment of Vitamin C - a key antioxidant to fighting free-radicals that build up from rays.

Free-radicals can cause oxidative stress to the skin, causing enzymes to break down (way more than they should) collagen in the skin, effectively damaging skin cells. This is the main cause of ageing and can be difficult to reverse if not catered for.


How to fight the effects of blue light 

  • Invest in an iPhone blue light filter for your mobile.
  • Keep your skin hydrated, invest in cleansing and moisturising makeup removers and mask once a week.
  • While taking care of your face should always be a priority, always moisturise and hydrate your neck and chest.
  • Sun Protection isn't just for summer. Invest in primers and makeup which contain SPF to keep you protected indoors and out.


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