Essentials for the Best Rest & Hydration

Essentials for the Best Rest & Hydration

Let's get rested!

This holiday season, don't let the hustle & bustle get in the way of your glow. We've rounded up the best ways to get the quality sleep and stay hydrated all winter long - because let's be honest, "you look tired" is the last thing you want to hear at family gatherings.

To get the best sleep...

1. Try a calming tea.

Chamomile and lavender teas have calming effects that can help you relax after a busy day. Whether you hit the town and checked some things off your holiday shopping list, or you cuddled up with some Netflix all day, sleep is essential in feeling & looking great. Try these delicious bedtime lattes from All Purpose Flour Child and get ready to drift into a peaceful sleep!

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2. Limit your screen time.

Blue light from your phone screen, tv, or laptop is said to have a disruptive effect on your sleep cycle. Healthline suggests putting away devices and turning off the tv at least an hour before bedtime. Relaxing in a candle-lit room before bed can also help prepare you for a good night's sleep. What better way to self care than a little candle light and a mask? Smooth on our sleep mask before bed for the ultimate overnight moisture.

Oh K! Sleep Mask

3. Create the perfect sleep environment.

There's nothing worse than waking up hot or uncomfortable! Set yourself up for the best night of sleep with a silk pillowcase and eye mask to keep out the light. Fun fact - silk retains less heat than traditional cotton sheets so you won't feel that need to flip the pillow to the cool side in the middle of the night. 

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To stay hydrated...

 1. Change up your skincare routine for the drier months.

Winter has us reaching for the chapstick and moisturizer. Along with a colder, drier climate comes the need to pack on the hydration and avoid dry patches and flakiness. It's important to make sure you're not only hydrating from the inside with plenty of water, but outside with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Our Chok Chok line is packed full of hydrating goodness that'll keep you glowing all winter.


2. Double up on your water intake.

If party season drinks like sangria and champagne are calling your name, double up on the water! A night of celebrating can leave your skin feeling dull and dry the next day. A cup of hot tea or a water-rich fruit like an apple are perfect for this season and will help you stay hydrated. And who wouldn't want to carry around this cute Lokai water bottle?

 via Lokai

3. Use a humidifier while you sleep.

Prevent dry skin and brittle hair by using a humidifier by your bed at night. Humidifiers can help maintain moisture in the skin & hair and can even help you breathe better at night if you're suffering from a cold! Bonus points for adding a few drops of lavender or ylang ylang essential oil for a calming effect.

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 Our top tips for rest & hydration this winter:

  • Try a calming tea at bedtime
  • Limit your screen time 
  • Sleep in a cool, dark environment
  • Swap your summer skin care for more moisturizing products
  • Increase your water intake
  • Use a humidifier at night



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