How To Get the Best Night's Sleep

How To Get the Best Night's Sleep

Good night, sleep bright!

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5 Tips to help you get the best night's sleep: 

1. Un-WINE-d

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An essential part of getting a good night's sleep is winding down after a long day of working (from home) or just a day of lounging on the couch. We recommend pouring yourself a glass of wine, turning on a soothing playlist (this one rocks), and popping on a sheet mask (perfect for getting your beauty sleep). 

2. Unplug

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Thirty minutes before bed, make sure to power down your smart devices. According to the Sleep Foundation, "if you have trouble sleeping, avoid electronics before bed or in the middle of the night." The harsh blue light of our smart devices, such as a phone, laptop, TV, etc., stimulates our brains, making it difficult to fall asleep. So make sure to power down before you get into bed and read a good book or magazine! Instead of scrolling on IG, relax with a face mask!

3. Better With The Lights Out

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As previously mentioned, harsh lights can prevent you from getting that precious beauty rest. We recommend turning off all lights and blocking out any outside lighting that may come from your devices or outside of a window. A silky sleep mask is the perfect solution! They block out the light, while also being gentle on your skin and hair. We love these from Kitsch

4. Skincare You'll Want To Sleep With

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Of course you've heard the age old fact that it's important to get eight hours of sleep every night. You may not have all the time during the day to take care of your skin...we introduce you to overnight skincare! Treating your skin overnight is an easy way to keep your skin in check while you're getting those precious zzz's. According to Byrdie, "all day, skin works hard to protect itself from constant attack, but while we’re sleeping skin switches into ‘recovery mode,’ a time of intense repair and regeneration." We recommend trying over overnight hydration sleep mask among other overnight treatments to aid your beauty rest!

5. Get Up & Glow

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After those full eight hours of rest, it's important to lock in all of the hard work your skin did overnight by hydrating your skin and body! Get your day started with a mood boosting playlist, a refreshing shower, and a hydrating skincare routine! For a glowing skincare routine, try our Chok Chok 10-step routine. For blemish prone skin, try our SOS skincare routine

How to get the best night's sleep: 

  • Unwind
  • Unplug
  • Block out the light
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Lock in all of your overnight treatments

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