How to Get (un)Ready with Oh K!

How to Get (un)Ready with Oh K!

It’s probably safe to say that we’ve all watched at least one (or one thousand…) tutorial of the many online beauty gurus sharing their tips for achieving a whole host of different beauty looks. However, the latest trend to go viral is the polar opposite to working magic with make-up… it’s all about getting unready by looking after your skin and treating it to a thorough detox and cleanse after wearing a face full of make-up.





Once the make-up is removed, the fun starts. The trend originally stemmed from this video featuring Kim Chi and co-founder of SOKO GLAM, Charlotte Cho, following a nine-step Korean skin care regime. If you dont have the time or patience to follow all nine steps, Oh K! Can provide you with the perfect short cut for glorious, glowing skin.


How to get un-ready

1.  Follow your normal routine to remove all make-up

For a really thorough cleanse and to get rid of impurities and make up trapped in your pores, apply the Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask. The unique formula consists of magical, hardworking bubbles which gently exfoliate the skin and work hard to rid your skin of any dirt or lurking remains of make-up.


2. Hydrate your skin

If you’re after a mask to cool, de-puff and sooth your skin, grab the Oh K! Cucumber Sheet Mask and sit back and relax whilst the mask gets to work. The sheet mask itself works as a barrier to prevent the precious formula from evaporating, allowing the skin to absorb even more of the nourishing ingredients. After 10-20 minutes remove the mask and use circular motions to massage any residual liquid into the skin.


3. ...and relax!

Lastly, slip on your favourite PJS, drift into a slumber and wake up to gorgeous, renewed skin!


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