3 Skin Care Products to Use Before a Date Night

3 Skin Care Products to Use Before a Date Night

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine's or Valentine's – it’s time to feel your best this February.

Let them fall for your natural glow by introducing some key priming essentials into your makeup routine. Whether you need a sheet mask to tackle dry skin, or a solution to keep your makeup in place for longer, we have shared our beauty tips to help you achieve that Sok-gwang (lit-from-within) glow this Valentine's Day.

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When to use a face mask in your routine

Best face primer for dry or oily skin?

Primer. We all swear by it - even us skincare junkies.
When it comes to keeping your makeup on all day & night, does it really work?

best sheet masks for dry skin

@emmasundstroem feeling her glow with Pearl Hydrogel Sheet Mask


Oh K! Beauty Product Manager, Tiam will always make the Pearl Hydrogel Mask her essential face mask before makeup"It's part of my regime to improve the quality of my skin for a firmer hold, especially before I start putting on heavy-makeup!" 

Our Pearl Hydrogel Mask is formulated with seabed ingredients, including Red Algae, Seaweed and Pearl- which work together to moisturise, hydrate and soften the skin - creating what we call, the BEST primer you can ever use!


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Pre-date or the morning after, let's recover that natural glow of yours!

How to hydrate & exfoliate my skin

Heavy make-up left on for too long can cause blackheads, breakouts and a dull-looking complexion. From the moment you remove your make-up, you should be on your way to revitalise your skin with some of the best sheet masks.

Oh K!’s Social Media Manager, Gabby, is obsessed with our Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask

"For the morning after, I always make sure I've got the Gold Dust Hydrogel by my bedside. It's brightening properties from the gold powder is my hero ingredient to revitalise my complexion. Hydrogel masks are made from 90% of the essence itself - making it super-cleansing, whilst also locking in moisture!" 

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Simple makeup look this year?

If you're choosing to dress-down a little this year with simple makeup look, build on that natural-glow and multi-mask with our most nourishing ingredients. Giving your skin that luxurious care it deserves, introduce our Hyaluronic Acid for a more bouncier appearance. Rich in Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate where your skin thirsts the most, while also maximizing absorption, leaving you looking flawless inside and out throughout Valentine's.

hyaluronic acid mask

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Valentine's Day Skin Routine

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin before and after make-up.
  • Use sea botanical ingredients to improve the appearance of skin before make-up. We recommend the Pearl Hydrogel for 30-40 minutes prior to getting ready.
  • Lastly, sheet masks can be used before and prior make-up, even hours before getting ready. Ensure you use masks which hydrate and lock-in moisture.


Let us know your primer and post-makeup remedies below to be featured on @ohk_life!

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  • Who doesn’t want hydration in their skin before a date? Thanks for the great read!

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