How to look after your skin from Air Pollution

How to look after your skin from Air Pollution

What are free radicals and what do antioxidants do? Let's break down the skin in the city.

As we wash away our Panda Eyes after a long day with the goal of removing dirt, makeup and accumulated oils, how often do you think about what's in the air? Typically we think of the sun as the skin's first nemesis (HI SPF!), but what about the pollution emitted in the air from cars, tobacco, and warehouses that gets absorbed into our skin? 

What are Free Radicals and how do they effect your skin? 

Free radicals are created from air pollution. These pollutants are released from smog, cigarette smoke, dust, industrial gases as well as the sun. Harmful chemicals are released such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), and dioxides which then reach your skin. Dr. Elizabeth Jones of the Dermalogica and International Dermal Institute states that the effects of air pollution on the skin are extremely serious. Irregular skin pigmentation and premature wrinkling are the most predominant repercussions from air pollution. Collagen fibers in our skin become weakened and pigment producing cells begin to overwork causing brown spots. Jones also states that these pollutants also strip our skin of essential vitamins. This is also damaging to collagen fibers, creating free radicals that cause premature aging. There are many other ways that air pollution affects your skin such as sensitivity, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, irritation, fine lines and wrinkles.

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How to protect your skin.

Our quick guide on how to protect your skin while living in the city.

- Use a detoxifying cleanser to remove any build up or particles from the skin.

- Antioxidants are key to breaking down pollution.

- Apply a serum before you moisturise to create a lightweight barrier against pollution in the air.

We've created a mask to combat the impacts of air pollution and free radicals.

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The Oh K! 3-step Anti Pollution Mask is a marine infused skincare trio for a simple Korean Skin Care routine to help combat the drying effects of pollution and improve skin health. Detoxifying cleanser removes any build up or particles from the skin allowing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the marine sheet mask to get to work, fighting free radicals and replacing lost moisture. Finish with marine algae serum to lock in vital moisture and improve the skin's natural barrier.


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