How to Multi Mask

How to Multi Mask

 Multi masking (or Multi Facial) is the newest craze that's sweeping the shelfies - and selfies!

Oily T-Zone, dry under eyes and chapped lips? When your skin type doesn’t adhere to a “normal” complexion, what skincare routine do you turn to? An age-old conundrum that has plagued beauty lovers and sheet mask addicts alike for years… Each area of our skin craves individual attention (needy we know), so, unfortunately, it’s not always the case of one sheet mask solves all!
The latest beauty trend to EXPLODE onto our insta feeds, #multimasking, addresses all our different facial needs, in just one routine… oh, and it’s pretty selfie-friendly too (bonus)! But what are multi-tasking and a multi-facial? Is it another just another skin care fad and do the beauty experts at Oh K! believe the hype?

What is multi-masking? 

The beauty-junkie term for using multiple target masks at one time, focusing on the hard to reach areas and specific zones of the face.


Influenced by the Korean skin care 11 – step regime, multi-masking has become a skincare saviour, tackle your T-zone, brighten your under eye and pump up your pout in three easy steps.  


From hydrating lip masks to the brightening under-eyes, multi-masking has essentially become a routine-saver (SERIOUSLY). If your skin is feeling particularly oily for instance, yet dryer on the cheeks, using the multi-facial method is perfect for tackling your areas specifically while also benefitting from a full sheet mask experience.


3 Steps to Multi-Masking

Duration of Masking: 10 - 20 minutes. - When to mask: Morning or before a big night with friends. 

multi facial t zone

1. Tackle to T-Zone

Want to get rid of oily skin or dirt build up? If you're a babe in the city - you'll notice your T-Zone is the oiliest part on our face, where stubborn dirt particles and free radicals love to set up camp and play havoc with our pores, urgh! (read more..)

Keep blackheads at bay by implementing a T-zone targeted mask into your regime. A deep cleanse for those hard to reach areas, the NEW Oh K! Pink Fizz T-zone Mask reacts with the air O2 in the air to form a gentle bubbling action, which helps to lift dirt and dead skin cells away from the skin. While anti-bacterial and vitamin-rich sweet cherry extracts cleanse, brighten and improve skin texture. Un-clog those pores and say bye bye to excess oil build up!



under eye mask

2.  Brighten those Peepers

Work hard, mask hard. While our eyes and skin can suffer the strain of blue light, our under the eyes can tend to feel heavier and appear darker.

Contouring underneath the eye, use the Gold Dust Under Eye is a make-up bag essential for all the times you need to fake 8-hours beauty sleep. Apply alongside our pore perfecting T-zone mask and you are ready for a pamper session for one. 

The curved hydrogel masks contour perfectly to the under-eye to lock in extra moisture! Containing REAL gold extract *glow*, argon oil and honey – this eye-bag reducing duo add an intense dose of hydration to brighten your complexion!



how to hydrate skin


3. Kissable lips are mandatory

Is there anything worse than chapped lips? When the cold winter months come rolling in, the first thing to crack is our lips. It’s time to break the cycle and maintain your perfect pout right the way through to spring!

There is no denying lip balm is a handbag staple– but why not take your lip care the extra mile with the power of Wild Cherry!?

While the Pink Fizz & Gold Dust get to work combating the other areas of your face, our Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask will work to nourish the lips with a clever moisture-locking hydrogel formulation.

The cherry to top off the perfect facial (quite literally).


  Have you tried the multi-masking method? Send us your shelfies and seflies to @ohk_life by using hashtag #ohklife for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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