How to Take Care of Your Hands in the Colder Months

Your Guide to Happy Hands 🙌

We've been focusing a lot on our hands this year. From hand washing to sanitizing, learning TikTok dances to baking banana bread, our hands have been hard at work! As we settle in to the colder months, it is more important than ever to keep washing our hands and making sure they are well moisturized! Here’s our top tips for happy hands this winter. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have been flying off the shelves since March. A couple in India even named their baby Sanitiser back in April. You could opt for the classic Purel, or fun scented ones from Bath and Body Works. Our personal favorites are from the brand Touchland. These cute, sleek, sanitizers contain aloe vera and essentials to help keep your hands hydrated, while also killing bacteria. You can find them at Ulta and Amazon

Hand Mask

Since we're washing and sanitizing your hands so much these days, it's important to treat your hands. Indulge in a little self care with our Intense Moisture Hand Mask

The perfect prep for an at-home manicure or to give your hardworking hands a much-needed moisture boost after frequent hand washing. The glove format enhances the moisturizing effects of the serum, ensuring there is maximum absorption of the ingredients to the skin. The screen friendly fabric means you can keep scrolling while Hyaluronic Acid and Violet Extract hydrate and soothe your hands.

Hand Lotion

Colder weather = dry skin. Winter time means dry, cracked hands that sometimes even bleed (oh no)! A thick, creamy hand lotion is an essential to keep your hands moisturized and happy. After using your Intense Moisture Hand Mask, let the moisturizing serum soak in and once absorbed, feel free to add a hydrating hand cream! This one from Soap and Glory smells delish! 


Finally, gloves are essential for the colder weather. Obviously, they keep your pretty little hands warm, but they also protect from the dry air and winds that can cause cracks in your skin. Not only are outdoor gloves essential to keeping your hands happy, but moisturizing gloves work wonders too! We recommend applying your thick hand cream and sealing in the moisture with a pair of overnight gloves, that way you can hydrate while you sleep! These ones from Amazon are super cute and fuzzy (perfect for a stocking stuffer)! 

How to take care of your hands in the colder months: 

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Oh K! Intense Hydration Hand Mask
  • Hydrating Hand Lotion
  • Outdoor and Overnight gloves

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