Heal Your Heels: How to Exfoliate Your Feet

Heal Your Heels: How to Exfoliate Your Feet

Although it's November, the annual Christmas skincare prep is officially in full swing. From controlling your dry skin spells to getting pedi-ready, the routine in the run-up to your big Christmas night is essential.

Before heading out and enjoying the party season, make sure your skin is prepped. Oh K! has all the skin care hacks and masks required for a much-needed Korean skincare routine for both face and body.
After hiding your feet away in boots and thick socks this autumn, it’s fair to say that our feet might not be looking their absolute best. To help prep the feet and experience barefoot bliss, it’s important to shed old skin and breathe some new life into your feet.

What does the K-Beauty Peeling Foot Mask do?

The Oh K! Foot Peel Mask as featured in This Morning, utilises the AHAs found in apples and works to get rid of dead skin cells, callouses and flaking patches.

So move aside rough exfoliators - its time to let your feet peel naturally, the K-beauty way! Our Peeling Foot Mask is super easy to use. Simply pop on the booties, pour in the solution and let the formulation do its hard-work.
After 4-6 days, your feet will start to peel, leaving your feet feeling soft, exfoliated and ready to party the evening away.

Simply follow these steps for pedicure ready feet

  1. Firstly, wash and dry the feet thoroughly, then tear open the pouch which contains the treatment socks.
  2. After popping on the socks, pour an even amount of the stimulating essence into each sock and leave on for 1 – 1.5 hours – just enough time to enjoy your favourite boxset (and multi-mask)!
  3. Remove the socks and rinse off any residue and then wait 4 – 6 days for your feet to naturally shed their dead skin, leaving the feet looking fabulous and restoring them to their former glory.

Multi-masking with our Peeling Foot Mask

Multi-task while you mask! While the Foot mask gets to work, take some time out to prep your face and neck for the party season. 

Hydrate, brighten and moisturise! The three essentials to achieving that lit-from-within glow. While you relax, try our Gold Gel Under Eye mask followed by our Gold Dust Hydrogel mask. Both packed with moisture and gold powder extracts, these masks will lock-in hydration and even out skin complexion, leaving your skin plumped and restored to its youthful glow.



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