Maskne 101: How to Keep Blemishes Under Control

Maskne 101: How to Keep Blemishes Under Control

MASK-NE (noun.): Skin irritation and spots caused by wearing a face covering. 

Powerhouse Ingredients to Beat Blemishes

Tea Tree Leaf Extract 

Tea tree leaf extract, also known as Malaleuca Alternifolia, helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne.

Tea tree oil is known to have over 100 different components that make it a "skin superhero" Native to Australia, tea tree oil is an essential oil that is known to help treat acne and and skin irritation. Tea tree has the potential to lower bacteria levels on skin, therefore reducing inflammation and targeting breakouts. Introducing tea tree oil into your routine is a great way to begin fighting any breakouts and redness caused by irritations and weather changes. 

Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel Extract, also known as Hamamelis Virginiana, helps to control sebum production.

Witch hazel is a botanical extract derived from a flowering plant found in North America and Japan. Witch hazel soothes the skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory because of it's antioxidant properties. Another benefit of witch hazel is that it helps with acne, which is great for any stressful upcoming projects and events you may have. This powerful ingredient can also help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, as well as soothe redness and stinging from sunburns and minimize pores. It also makes an amazing toner! 

3 Easy Steps to Clear Skin

1. Clear Cover Blemish Patches

Oh K! Clear Cover Blemish Patches

Treat blemishes under your face covering all day long with these adorable patches.

When a pimple strikes place one of these cute little clear patches over it to keep it clean and help to reduce the temptation to squeeze and pick. Infused with Tea Tree Leaf Extract to help fight bacteria. Use day or night to cover and protect blemishes.

2. Drying Pink Blemish Powder

Oh K! Drying Pink Blemish Powder

Dry out pesky pimples while you sleep. The Calamine in the powder works on drying out blemishes while Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel extract in the formula help to calm redness, control sebum and fight bacteria. Helping you to wake up to a calmer complexion.

3. pH Balancing Gel Toner

A daily refresh and balance for the complexion. This gel toner is formulated with Witch Hazel to help control the skin’s sebum production and Tea Tree to calm and soothe. The gel formula can be applied directly onto the skin without the need for cotton pads.

 5 Ways to Fight Maskne 

  • Witch Hazel Extract
  • Tea Tree Leaf Extract
  • Oh K! Clear Cover Blemish Patches
  • Oh K! Drying Pink Blemish Powder
  • Oh K! pH Balancing Gel Toner

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