Work Hard, Mask Hard: Meet Founder of Pepper Your Talk, Dior Bediako

Work Hard, Mask Hard: Meet Founder of Pepper Your Talk, Dior Bediako

Meet Dior, the voice and driver behind Pepper Your Talk. Inspiring young graduates and fashionista's across the UK with her workshops, talks, and platforms - we caught up to learn about her achievements and the story behind PYT.

Starting from her first steps out of University in 2013, Dior has worked hard to build a network of fashion and graduate newbies. Noticing a gap-in-the-market for creative industry advice, Dior has shaped Pepper Your Talk as a one-stop platform for industry insights, real-life stories, and career-focused content.

Now in 2019, her Junior Network is filled with ambitious creatives with a thirst for the next step. From workshops with Henry Holland to panels with Freddie Harrel, we caught up with Dior during our Work Hard, Mask Hard series to discuss her own ambitions and how she takes time to self-care within a busy lifestyle.

Dior @ Stylist 2018


Pepper Your Talk is the ultimate survival guide for anyone who wants to break into the fashion industry. Any key tips we should know regarding career progression?

As things stand, we’re set to retire between the ages of 66-67. Let that sink in for a second. As a twenty-something you still have another 40+ years of career-climbing to go. Please don’t rush it! Take the time and due care to explore and interrogate your passions.

And generally, I would also say don’t put pressure on yourself to land a ‘dream job’, that’s a lot of pressure to pile on one area. Instead, focus on creating a dream life. For example, you may work in finance but you’re deeply passionate about calligraphy. Instead of torturing yourself with the thought that you’re in the wrong industry, build a calligraphy business on the side, earn extra money and work on projects you absolutely adore.

We love our online sisterhood! Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry?

I look up to a few of different people for many reasons, I could go on and on! But for my 2019 new year energy, I’m going to pick Natalie Massenet and Sharmadean Reid - Two forces in beauty, fashion, and tech.

It’s encouraging to know that they started their businesses from scratch and such a privilege to watch them build and grow. It gives me hope for the future of my business and proves that women can have both a thriving career and family.

Tell us, how important is self-care within such a busy, digital world for a woman today?

Very! The recent ’10 year challenge’ on Instagram helped me realise that it’s incredibly important to take care of my skin because in 10 years time I still hope to be looking 27.

Yet self-care isn’t limited to the external and looking after your inner-man is key. I’m going to spend more time alone, in silence, reflecting, journaling and gathering my thoughts this year. My job requires me to host and interact a lot but those hours need to be balanced with complete me time.

Great advice! From this then, how do you balance your online vs offline life?

Between the ages of 18 - 26, I had the worst internet package known to man - 2GB per month! I got around it by exclusively browsing apps when connected to wifi, which was mainly when I was at home in the evenings.

As a result, I’ve never been one of those people that obsessively check their phones or browse apps for hours. I also love love love real-life interaction so when I’m at an event, at dinner or just chilling with friends I’m very present.


Lastly, you live in London. How do you look after your skin on such a busy schedule?

I currently have a 5-part face routine and have still managed to suffer from an unprovoked breakout, so I won’t claim to have the perfect answer. My number one rule is ‘Never get lazy’, so even if I’m crawling home at 3am, I’ll still go through my face routine as precisely as possible.


Dior's Masking Favourites...


Want to join the Junior Network - or even gain some Work Hard, Mask Hard advice of your own? Visit for more information on how you can join plus PYT's next event.

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See you there!



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