Oh K! Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Oh K! Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Find the the perfect gift...

For the Tech Lover

We're on our devices ALL. DAY. LONG. Protect your precious skin from the effects of excessive screen time. Overexposure to blue light is associated with oxidative stress, causing the skin to release free radicals. Disrupting and slowing down the skin’s natural elastin and collagen production and prematurely aging the skin. Save you and your loved one's skin with our Anti-Blue Light Sheet Mask!

Available at ohklife.com

For the TikTok Star

Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored 🎵 We've all spent most of 2020 endlessly scrolling through our For You Page. Make the most ~satisfying~ and ~aesthetic~ TikToks with our Illuminating Serum! Morning routine videos have never looked so good! Check out our TikTok featuring this super serum @ohk_life.

Available at ASOS

For the Sleeping Beauty

Give the gift of beauty sleep to the nap queen in your life with our Beauty Sleep Sheet Mask! Formulated with Lavender and Chamomile this nourishing night-time mask is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture to help reveal a healthy and refreshed looking complexion when you wake from your slumber. 

Available at ASOS and Beauty Bay 

For the Essential Worker

This year has shown us how hard our essential workers work. Give the gift of self care for those essential workers in your life! Put some pep in their step with our Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask and Peppermint Leg Mask. Formulated with soothing Peppermint and moisturising Shea Butter to refresh and revitalise your hardworking feet and legs 👣

Available at ASOS and Superdrug

For the At Home Influencer 

Staying at home has made us all wannabe influencers! Pair this Insta-worthy Gold Foil Sheet Mask with a ring light and a tripod and you've got an internet star starter kit! The Gold Foil sheet is soaked in serum to deliver a supercharged dose of hydration. Formulated with real Gold Extract to brighten the complexion and Argan Oil to hydrate and smooth skin for a dewy glow.

Available at Beauty Bay and ohklife.com

For the Animal Lover

Have a dog mom in your life? We've got the perfect gift for them! Stay calm and cute with this super-soft Dalmatian print sheet mask developed especially for blemish prone skin. Soaked in a skin-loving hydrating serum infused with Charcoal Powder to help draw out impurities from the skin.

Available at Feel Unique

For the Harry Styles Stan

Who doesn't have a @harrystyles lover in their life!? Give them the gift of Watermelon S̶u̶g̶a̶r̶ SHEET MASK. A revitalising biodegradable sheet mask that delivers a thirst-quenching boost of hydration to the skin. The plant-based sheet is soaked in a super-hydrating serum formulated with Watermelon and Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C helps the skin appear brighter.

Available at Boots and Look Fantastic

For the Late-Night Netflix Binger

Know someone who stayed up all night binging the latest season of the Great British Baking Show Holiday Special!? Pep up your peepers with this iconic duo of eye cream and an under eye mask. Our hydrating cream that helps to firm and brighten the appearance of the delicate under eye area, while our perfectly shaped eye masks effectively deliver skin-loving ingredients to the delicate under eye area, gently soothing and hydrating with results you can really see.

Available at ASOS, Beauty Bay, and Boots

For the Party Animal

While we can't all party together this year, give the gift of disco with our Holographic Sheet Mask!  Formulated with skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid to help skin appear plump and hydrated as well as a blend of citrus oils. The Vitamin C in Orange Peel, Bergamot, and Tangerine Peel helps to brighten the complexion. Send to all of your dancing divas and have a skincare Zoom party!

Available at Feel Unique

For the Mani Queen

Treat hard working hands with our Intense Moisture Hand Mask and Nourishing Lemon Oil Cuticle Masks 🙌 The perfect prep for an at-home manicure or to give your hardworking hands a much-needed moisture boost after frequent hand washing.

Available at Beauty Bay and ohklife.com

Oh K! Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 

  • For the Tech Lover: Oh K! Anti-Blue Light Sheet Mask
  • For the TikTok Star: Oh K! Illuminating Serum
  • For the Sleep Beuaty: Oh K! Beauty Sleep Sheet Mask
  • For the Essential Worker: Oh K! Peppermint Leg Mask & Oh K! Peppermint Foot Mask
  • For the At Home Influencer: Oh K! Gold Foil Sheet Mask
  • For the Animal Lover: Oh K! Dalmatian Sheet Mask
  • For the Harry Styles Stan: Oh K! Watermelon Sheet Mask 
  • For the Late-Night Netflix Binger: Oh K! Firming Eye Cream & Oh K! Gingseng + Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask
  • For the Party Animal: Oh K! Holographic Sheet Mask
  • For the Mani Queen: Oh K! Intense Moisture Hand Mask & Oh K! Lemon Oil Cuticle Mask

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