Spring Clean Your Skin with Oh K!

Spring Clean Your Skin with Oh K!
Spring is in full bloom with temperatures finally higher and days becoming longer and lighter. Before heading out and enjoying the spring season, make sure your skin is prepped. Oh K! has all the skin care hacks and masks required for a much-needed skin care routine for both face and body.

Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask

After hiding your feet away for months, it’s no wonder they are looking a bit sad and are in need of some TLC. The Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask completely rids of dryness through an innovative system, utilizing the AHAs found in apples to eradicate dead skin, callouses and flaking patches. Simply pop on the socks, pour in the liquid and put your feet up while the essence gets to work. After completing the peeling foot mask routine, your feet will shed their dead skin cells a few days later to reveal soft, healthy, intensely hydrated skin and restoring feet to their former glory.

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Oh K! Cucumber Sheet Mask

Harnessing the cooling properties of fresh cucumber, this sheet mask has calming properties to soothe unsettled skin. The Oh K! Cucumber Sheet Mask is an ultra-hydrating mask, made from a combination of botanical ingredients, including cucumber juice extract, honeysuckle, aloe and anti-oxidant rich green tea to calm and soothe stressed-out skin. Apply it after cleansing your face as usual to instantly feel soothed. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and massage residual liquid into skin after removing.

Oh K! Avocado Sheet Mask

Introducing our favorite skin super-food, the Oh K! Avocado Sheet Mask is deeply nourishing and a great boost for the skin after enduring the drying winter months. Formulated to deliver intense hydration to dull or dry skin, it will leave your face feeling soft and nourished. Made using extract of avocado fruit and chamomile flower, these natural delights deliver intense hydration to the skin. Put the full face mask on and relax for 10-20 minutes while listening to your favourite playlist. When removing, there is no need to rinse, massage any residue into the skin making sure not a drop of the formula is wasted.

What we’re masking right now

Feeling inspired to try out some pre-spring prep? Browse targeted and face masks now and don’t forget to share your Korean skin care routine by tagging us with #ohklife.

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