Oh K!'s A to Z Korean Beauty Guide

Oh K!'s A to Z Korean Beauty Guide

Here at Oh K! HQ, we've put the ultimate guide to test you knowledge on all things K-Beauty! Learn up and your skin will be feeling chok-chok in no time.




Avo isn’t just for smashing on toast. This delicious ingredient is also your skins best friend and a big part of K-beauty thanks to its super hydrating qualities.




 Bubble Sheet Masks are not only the Insta beauty craze of the year, but also super effective at exfoliating and gently clearing your skin of impurities.





Cool down and soothe irritated skin with the Cucumber Sheet Mask, perfect after wearing a full face of make-up.




Dry skin is the winter accessory no one wants! Sheet masks are an amazing way to deliver ultimate hydration and a new lease of life for the skin.





Eggs-periment with the kooky K-beauty must-have and try the Oh K! Egg White Sheet Mask.





Flawless skin is of great importance in Korea, with the belief that your complexion can reveal the secrets of your fate and fortune.



Ginseng to make your skin sing! A common ingredient used in K-beauty, ginseng, not only feels nice and zingy on the skin, but also rejuvenates and soothes sensitive areas, for example, under the eye.


Hydrogel Masks are made up of the mask essence itself. Inspired by our love of SoKo, the Oh K! Hydrogel mask range brings the latest and greatest in Korean beauty straight to you!




Juicy, luscious lips start with good hydration. Lip masks are one of the latest trends in K-beauty and a great way to prep your lips before applying your favourite lipstick.




Korea is said to be seven years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of beauty research and product development.




Longing for lustrous hair? Try the Oh K! Hair Mask for deep hydration and anti-frizz which will restore your locks to its former glory!



Mix things up with the Oh K! Mix Your Own Gold Dust Peel Off Mask. Not only do you get to mix up this magical potion yourself, the mask peels off to leave you with a golden glow.



Noses need some attention too! If you struggle with blackheads and blemishes, the three step Oh K! Nose Pore Strips could be your answer. Just remember when using the Nose Pore Strips, to send us your selfies with #ohklife!



Pamper those feet with the Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask, enriched with fruit extracts to remove dead skin and leave feet feeling fabulous.



Quiet evenings on the sofa for a Netflix binge and your fave snacks, but most of all, it’s the perfect time to treat your skin and body to a K-beauty overhaul.



Revitalising the skin during the winter months is key. The Oh K! Revitalising Black Sesame Hydrogel Mask is perfect to do just that, making sure your skin has a glow all year round.


Snail Mucin does sound a little outer limits, but is a true K-beauty wonder ingredient, and is the star of the show in the Oh K! Snail Mucin Mask.



Troublesome, oily, spot prone skin is often caused by a lack of hydration. Fibre sheet masks are an amazing way of delivering ultimate hydration to the skin and solving those pesky pimples.



Under eyes are super sensitive and need gentle care to keep you looking fresh. The Oh K! Under Eye Masks with eucalyptus are a great way to do this.




Violet Flower has a notoriously beautiful scent, which comes across amazingly in the Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Mask. Use to prep and treat your hands to make sure they’re mani-ready.



Western women typically follow a three-step regime, however, in South Korea, women typically follow a 10 step regime to achieve ultimate skin health.



X-marks the spot. The 3-Step Nose Pore Strips provide super targeted, impactful cleansing on an area where make-up can gather and cause blemishes.



Youthful, plump looking skin is the aim for Korean women. The most recent trend, glass skin, took this one step further and aims to make skin look as clear and shiny as glass!



Zzzz all night long with the Oh K! Moisturising Sleep Mask to keep your beauty regime working hard around the clock.

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