Trick or Treat: Our Best Tricks to Treat Your Skin This Fall

Trick or Treat: Our Best Tricks to Treat Your Skin This Fall

It's spooky season! 

If you love Halloween like we do, you know that the fun of trick or treating isn't just for the kids. We came prepared with our own list of tricks up our sleeve! Read the tips & tricks to treat your skin below.

Trick #1: Keep it cool by storing your skin care in the refrigerator. 
Applying your masks & skincare cold can help calm redness, irritation, and puffiness - and it really wakes you up first thing in the morning! Try a cool facial roller after you apply your skincare, or put on a sheet mask at the end of a long day for an extra-refreshing treat.
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Trick #2: Multi-mask and get more done.
Slip on an eye mask and lip mask under your sheet mask for a rejuvenated complexion, or take a full-body approach by masking your hands and feet along with your face! The possibilities are endless, and you'll be glowing all over no matter what you choose. 
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Trick #3: Use charcoal to get multiple skin benefits at one time.
Charcoal detoxifies and gently exfoliates all at once, so you can spend less time prepping and more time looking fabulous in your costume! This charcoal mask is perfect for a halloween-themed girls night. 
Trick #4: Use excess serum from your masks on your neck, chest, & arms!

You'll always find a little extra serum at the bottom of your Oh K! mask sachet to ensure the highest saturation of your mask. Squeeze out the excess serum and use it to get the same skincare benefits for your decollate, arms, and anywhere you need a little extra glow!

Tip #5: Use a moisturiser that also acts as a primer.
Makeup goes on effortlessly and stays longer when applied over a nice smooth base of moisturizer. Did you know that the Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer not only hydrates but also acts as a primer for makeup? Get ready to slay your look!
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Use these tricks to treat your skin!

  • Store your skin care in a refrigerator to keep it cool
  • Multi-mask to help multi-task
  • Use charcoal products to exfoliate and detoxify at the same time
  • Use excess serum from your mask on your neck, chest, and arms
  • Use a moisturiser that also acts as a primer

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