Why You Should Add Watermelon To Your Skin Care Routine

Why You Should Add Watermelon To Your Skin Care Routine

The Juicy Details - All About Watermelon & Your Skin


Chances are you've enjoyed a nice, cool slice of watermelon on a hot day. There's nothing better than a cold treat to make you feel refreshed and bright on the inside, but did you know watermelon can do the same for your skin? Not only will eating it keep you hydrated and glowing, adding some to your skincare routine will only maximise the results! The benefits below will have you reaching for the watermelon in no time. 


1. It's full of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Watermelon contains loads of vitamin A and C, which can help brighten dark spots, and vitamin E which can help accelerate skin healing and repair. According to Brit + Co., the vitamin E present in watermelon "fills in fine lines and helps neutralize the effects of free radicals like sunburn", so it's the perfect ingredient this summer! 

2. It's anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is often the root cause of skin problems like redness, irritation, acne, and rosacea. Watermelon can help soothe the redness associated with an active breakout or flare-up and is a fast-acting solution to deliver healing hydration to the skin. 

3. It's a gentle exfoliant.

An amino acid called citrulline is naturally present in watermelon, which can help brighten the skin and increase healthy skin cell turnover. According to The Independent, citrulline can help boost circulation and blood flow to the skin, helping to bring forth a radiant complexion.

4. Everyone can benefit from it, no matter your skin type. 

"All of the natural components in watermelon make it suitable for any and all skin types", says Bustle. No matter if you're dry or oily, sensitive or damaged, watermelon can help calm, soothe, and brighten anyone's skin. 

5. It smells amazing.

This isn't the biggest or best reason to love watermelon, but it sure does help. Taking care of your skin is always more enjoyable when it smells good enough to eat. There are so many reasons and so many ways to enjoy watermelon!


Some of our favorite watermelon products:


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To recap, watermelon is amazing for your skin because...
1. It's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants
2. It's anti-inflammatory
3. It's a gentle exfoliant
4. It's good for every skin type
5. It smells amazing! 

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