Work Hard, Mask Hard: Meet Founder of SEENConnects, Sedge Beswick

Work Hard, Mask Hard: Meet Founder of SEENConnects, Sedge Beswick

Meet Sedge, digital-savvy extraordinaire and CEO of Influencer Platform SEENConnects. We caught up to learn a bit more about her achievements and how she takes time out within her online world.


In celebration of launching our newest mask, Oh K! Firming Tech Neck, we brought together our favourite tech-obsessed muses who are currently nailing it in the industry. From coding their way up to fueling the influencer industry, these girls know exactly how to work hard, mask hard.
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Here working, I promise(!)

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Introducing Sedge Beswick - our Insta-glam muse who is driving the influencer landscape. Graduating from Nottingham Trent University and working her way up to CEO, we caught up with Sedge to learn a little more about her passions and what she does to go offline.

Hey Sedge! We're so excited to catch up with you! Tell us about yourself?

I’m Sedge and I’m the Founder of SEEN Connects, an influencer marketing agency. I have worked within the digital space for over a decade working in-house at brands such as Red Bull and ASOS before setting up my own business. Whether it’s stalking out the latest influencer on Instagram or replying to emails, it’s fair to say I am always connected to my phone.

You are the ultimate girl-boss! Where did your digital passion begin?

My career began through a competition(!), when I was in my second year at university I entered a competition to win £25K to throw a party… I came second but the company who set up the competition offered me a job the day after I graduated. As part of the competition you had to get as many people as possible onto a Facebook page, in 7 days I got 8K people onto the Facebook page and then used to share blog content and articles to that audience once the competition was complete.

Digital & social are one of the most disruptive industries right now - what drew you into making this industry your career?

For me, it’s the speed to which the industry changes and evolves. You have to really keep your finger on the pulse and to know what’s next to ensure you’re staying ahead and thinking about where and how to engage with your customers.

How do you balance your online and offline life?

If I was to be totally honest, I’d say this is something I still need to work on! I spend A LOT of time on my laptop or my iPhone. I do spend time doing the things that I love whether that’s catching up with friends, rocking out at a gig or visiting a new country (just usually Instagramming it as I go!).

Versus your crazy lifestyle, how do you look after your skin?

I have never had a set routine, I am very influenced by social content and what other people recommend so I tend to be quite faddy when it comes to the skincare brands and routines. I travel a lot with my job so anything that’s easy to use and that doesn’t take too long tends to be where I repeat.
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Lastly, what is your ideal digital detox and mask session?

My ideal digital detox is going into the country for a long weekend, booking in a spa treatment (or two!) whilst enjoying some time in the great outdoors. I have been desperate to try out The Fish Hotel so that’s next on my list for a getaway and break from the digital world.

Work Hard, Mask Hard.

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