Your Skincare Questions

Dry skin has a lack of oils and can look dull and flakey, so replacing moisture with oils and creams is very important.

Try our Hyaluronic Acid with Sea Kelp Hydrogel Mask for a super luxurious skincare treat. Natural ingredients are also good for dry skin, like our Turmeric Sheet Mask. Or, mask while you slumber with our Oh K! Sleep Mask, one of our best moisturisers for dry skin. 

Our Products

Here at Oh K! our mission is to create high-performing, playful everyday beauty and skincare experiences! All of our masks and products are developed in London and are manufactured in South Korea.

This is so we can ensure we are providing the best formulas and ingredients into your skincare routine through every product! 

Customer Service

Sadly, we do not supply samples prior to purchase at this time. However, if you would like to learn more about our products or are in need of recommendations from our Beauty Development team, contact us here

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