Find Your Match

Valentine's day was made for self-love. Take our quiz below to find your perfect (mask) match.

1. I find myself…

Blotting my skin throughout the day to remove excess oil.

Avoiding powders as they dry out my skin.

Re-applying my makeup as it looks patchy.

2. What are you looking for in your skincare routine?

Time to chill.

Practical skincare

No fuss, quick hydration.

3. What is your main skin concern?

Visible pores.

Premature aging.

Uneven complexion.

4. How often do you experience break-outs?



5. How sensitive is your skin?

Not at all sensitve.

Usually ok, but sometimes can be sensitive.

Very sensitive.

6. How does your skin feel after cleansing during colder seasons?

Usually OK.

My skin is tight, dull and can get sore.

I definitely reach for the moisturiser more!

Your Answers

Mostly A's

 To balance your complexion, try incorporating a purifying mask into your routine once a week to reduce the visibility of pores. Avoid stripping too many natural oils from the skin (this can promote excess oil production) by using harsh cleansers and always finish your routine with hydrating serums and moisturizers!

Mostly B's

Although you rarely breakout, your skin can become aggravated quickly and you might notice the signs of ageing earlier than those with an oilier complexion. No fear. Nothing drinking 2-3 litres of water a day and a good skincare routine can’t fix.

Ensure you are looking out for key ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Manuka Honey within your skin care. These active ingredients will both hydrate and promote the skin’s natural elasticity, to help maintain a youthful glow. 

Mostly C's

Probably the most common complexion type, yet one of the most troublesome (especially in winter)! Combination skin can often leave us at a loss when it comes to our skincare.

However, by incorporating different targeted masks into your routine, you can pay different zones of your face the attention they crave. No fuss, simple, skincare, pop on a targeted mask as and when you feel that particular area needs love! Target pesky pores on the T-zone whilst nourishing your tired under eyes! 

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